Meet the Dean

Simone Cummings, PhD

Simone Cummings, PhD

Simone Cummings has been with Webster University since 2013. She joined the Walker School as an adjunct professor, while she continued her work at hospitals, such as Barnes-Jewish Hospital and the Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, D.C. Cummings has served as a board member for several organizations, including the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the Missouri Historical Society, the Deaconess Foundation, and the Girl Scout’s Girls With Power Advisory Board.

Cummings began her career at Webster teaching in the Health Administration Program. She quickly moved from an adjunct to an associate professor. Thanks to her incredible work ethic, she was promoted to the lead of the Healthcare Administration program. Later, she received a call from former Dean Akande, asking if she wanted to interview for the position of Associate Dean. Cummings and the new Interim Dean, Tom Johnson, worked as an efficient team, and she hopes to continue their work as the Dean of the Walker School.

When she is not at the Walker School or working with an organization, Cummings enjoys playing in a tennis league and playing the piano. She says that piano is a challenge for her, but it is rewarding. Cummings has two daughters, and her husband is a pathologist at St. Louis University.

Her vision for the Walker School includes building on the success that it has already experienced, and she hopes to continue making the school even stronger. She wants the Walker School to grow as an institution, and is going to pay special attention to undergraduate students. She is thankful for the opportunity to lead the school, and to really make a difference.

Cummings believes that every student should make a plan for success. When she was a student, Cummings wrote out her own detailed plans, and followed them. She says that “I don’t know” is not enough to reach your dreams. No matter how hard you have to work, know what you want to achieve, and achieve it.