Walker EDGE

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Undergraduate Career Development Program

Students at the Walker School are gaining a competitive advantage in the job market through the Walker EDGE. From internships to networking, mentoring, global travel and more, the Walker School is helping to position our undergraduate students for career success.


By partnering with different companies, Walker EDGE students have access to a wide range of internship opportunities in areas such as business administration, computer science, financial services, information technology, management and marketing. Walker EDGE hosts an Internship Fair each year and strives to connect students with organizations looking for talented students. Walker students have completed internships at organizations such as Maritz, Edward Jones, Centene, Ameren, Fiat-Chrysler, The World Trade Center and more.

Career Development

Mock interviews, etiquette dinners, lunch & learns and professional development workshops are helping Walker students build their personal brands and prepare for career success. A dedicated course, WSBT 2000 Career Exploration for Professional Success provides Walker undergraduate students with practical career development skills and an individual career success strategy. Students can gain leadership experience and connect with the local community through CLICK: Creating Links in Community Knowledge each fall and engage with industry professionals at the Walker EDGE Spring Internship Fair to gain insight, advice and perspective on their careers.

Global Immersion

Students have the opportunity to explore global businesses, technology and management issues through Walker Global Hybrid Courses. Courses this year will enable students to travel to China, Thailand, Costa Rica, Greece, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Colombia or Germany for a global immersion experience of a lifetime.


It’s all about who you know, and the mentoring connections available through the Walker EDGE are a powerful avenue for students to develop their professional networks. Whether they are meeting one-on-one with Webster University alumni or top executives from the Regional Business Council, student mentees are receiving the guidance they need from a professional support system at a critical time of their career development.