at the Walker School

Walker EDGE promotes a holistic approach to professional success that includes not only a career, but also a call to give back to the community. To foster early involvement in community service, the Walker EDGE department created CLICK, Creating Links in Community Knowledge. CLICK, hosted every fall, joins area nonprofit organization junior boards and young friend groups with Walker students.
The community service networking event is co-organized by the Young Friends of the St. Louis International Institute. The partnership is natural, given the mutual organizational goals to promote global good and the number of Webster University alumni connections.

Maggie Dankert, the Young Friend’s Board President is an alumna (‘16) and employee in International Admissions at Webster University. Dankert accredits non-profit boards and young friends associations as an opportunity to practice key leadership and business skills that one might not exercise until later on in a professional career. Involvement also builds experience levels and connections, thus building one’s professional worth.
The experience Dankert gained from working with the mission of the International Institute has given her newfound perspective and understanding on complex global issues and contributing to her overall character. “My community service has provided equal betterment for community and myself.”

Dankert further supports CLICK in its ability to cultivate community involvement based on people’s specific passion. Regardless of the organization, community service allows for one to play a role in the bigger picture and make advancement for their cause together.

There is a wide array of organizations for students to connect with, as well as opportunity for many organizations to participate says Dankert, “CLICK is the perfect avenue for Exploring, Developing, Growing, and Experiencing.”

To apply or not apply? “I went from being a Young Friend’s member to leading the organization as president in the matter of three years.